Frequently Asked Questions

We're a new group and there's a lot of questions.  We'll try to address a few here.  If you have additional questions please Contact Us.


What is the rehearsal schedule?

The rehearsal schedule is released approximately February 1st for the upcoming mainstage show that is performed in mid-May.  Check back for the exact rehearsal schedule.

The typical time commitment for a mainstage show is two weeks of rehearsal (Mon - Thurs) for the choir, one week of rehearsal (Mon - Thurs) for the orchestra, additional weekend rehearsals for the principals, and a final tech week (Mon - Fri) leading up to the performance on Saturday evening.


Where will rehearsals be held?

Rehearsals are held at neighborhood schools (Tappan Middle School, Huron High School, etc) and churches (Grace Bible) in and around Ann Arbor.  Specific rehearsal locations are announced at the business meeting.



Who should audition?

EVERYONE!  We need singers/actors (and sometimes dancers) of all types, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds regardless of which show we're performing.  While we do not "blind cast" everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.

Musicians are not required to audition at this time.  Please click here if you'd like to sign-up!

Is Ann Arbor In Concert a non-profit?

Ann Arbor in Concert is a Michigan nonprofit corporation.  On March 20, 2014 Ann Arbor in Concert received confirmation from the IRS confirming its status as an organization exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3).  The effective date of the exemption is April 2, 2012.